Knowble’s  Memory Enhancement


  • Remember what you read, write and hear 
  • Remember names, phone numbers, bank a/c numbers, dates & anniversaries.
  • Improve grades in Schools, Colleges, Competitions
  • Memorize long verses, long answers 
  • Memorize Formulae
  • Memorize History Dates
  • Memorize MAPs, Diagrams

If these questions sound tough, then what next we are introducing is only for you, and that is Knowble Photographic Memory.


There were/are many things in your day to day life and studies, which you find tough to memorize or may be almost impossible to memorize. This very first module of KNOWBLE is solution for all those problems of yours. This module is moreover based on a three basic principles of MEMORY: Principal of Association, Imagination and Visualization. This science was first developed and used by Greeks . Today one can find application of this science in every theta of life. One of the best examples is “”, where millions of medical professionals learn millions of biological names, with some fun-filled methods. Wherever the quantity of information is enormous and the nature of information is abstract, then Knowble’s “Photographic Memory” methods can be of great help.


  • Can you recall what were you wearing the same day last year?
  • Can you recall the list of all Mughal Emperors which you learned?
  • Was it tough for you to memorise the whole periodic table?
  • How many countries you can enlist with their capitals?