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Q. What is the right age to learn Knowble's Abacus?

A. Idealy, 6 to 14 years is the ideal age to learn Knowble's Abacus.

Q. What are the benefits of Learning Knowble's Abacus?
A. Knowble's Abacus helps in Understanding Numbers properly. Its methodology is such that a Child starts visualising numbers & it becomes very easy for him/her to understand and process these numbers. Basically, Abacus helps in improving Calculation Skills. It helps a child to improve his concentration power, while practicing on Abacus.

Q. What is Knowble's Vedic Mathematics?
A. Vedic Mathematics is just an improvised version of the Conventional MATHEMATICS which we all learned in our school days. Based on 16 Sanskrit Sutras taken from Atharv-Ved, this is a simple & faster way to solve your calculations, thats why its also called , Speed Maths. It not only increases the speed of your calculation but at the same time, take care of Accuracy aspect as well. This is very relevant for the students going to appear in Competitive Examinations like JEE, CAT, GMAT, GRE etc., where a student has to solve lot of questions in a very limited duration.

Q. Is Vedic Mathematics relevant only for the students going to appear in Engineering Entrance Exams?

A. No, Knowble's Vedic Mathematics helps everyone in understanding mathematics, and basically the Arithmetic. Arithmetic is considered as a Life Scienece which is equally important for everyone, whether you are a student of Mathematics, or you are a student of Biology, as Calculations are everywhere. Even if you are a housewife, you need to do calculations. Vedic Maths improves these basic calculation skills of the learner. So, Vedic Maths is relevant & Beneficial for every student, every teacher, every professional, infact every human being whoever has to play with numbers on a daily basis.

Q. How can students apply fundamentals of Mnemonics in their regular studies?
A. Beauty of Knowble's Mnemonics Memory module is that you can apply it wherever you want to. We (Team Advacad) have designed curriculum in such a way that every child can easily understand the key fundamentals of Mnemonics, which they further practice in Knowble's Mnemonics workbooks. And once they get hold of the methods, they can easily apply & memorise anything across all the subjects. Whether its a Date, Map, a Diagram, a Formula, Periodic Table,  any Numeric Information, any Text, anything. In real terms you can memorise EVERYTHING with these interesting methods of Mnemonics, and the best part is that once memorised, you will NEVER FORGET.


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