A tool which makes you a HUMAN CALCULATOR 

That’s all is possible with this fabulous tool developed by Mesopotamians, 4500 years back, also known as “First Man Made Computer”.


Students of Abacus actually add, subtract, multiply & divide numbers faster than someone using calculator. Once learnt, they retain this ability for their whole life. Abacus works on various fundamentals like Acupressure, Visualisation, Meditation and Ambidexterity. That’s how it helps in overall mental growth of a child. In Abacus, Maths is taken as a tool to develop various faculties of the child’s brain.


Abacus is taught to the students of age group 6 – 14 years, as that’s the right age to learn this methodology and get benefits out of it.

  • Faster-than-calculator computation skills
  • Better Concentration Power
  • Helps in Brain Cell's Activation (Accupressure)
  • Better Understanding of Mathematics
  • ​Great analytical & reasoning skills​
  • No More Maths Phobia
  • Have you seen a child visualizing numbers as the way he visualize cartoons and graphics?
  • Have you seen a child giving you the answers of any mathematics calculation as soon as you finish the question?
  • Have you seen a child memorizing numbers in a flash?  
  • Have you seen a Maths Phobic child getting rid of his/her fear of Maths?

Knowble's ABACUS

abacus - mental arithmetic