An interesting methodolgy developed by Greeks, which helps in improving Memory. Using these methods, a student can memorise anything and will never forget it.

There is nothing in this world, and even outside,

that an empowered brain

cannot achieve

An AdvAcad Initiative

Key modules of KNOWBLE 


  • Improved Calculation Skills
  • Good Memory
  • Better Concentration
  • More Interest in Studies

Based on 16 Sutras from AtharvaVeda, this Indian marvelous methodology helps in doing fast calculations with accuracy.

As the name suggests, AdvAcad Solutions is an organization dedicated to creating and providing Advanced Academic Solutions for the Students since 2009.

At Advacad, our Team shares the Vision of

'Developing an Academic Environment; 

by merging Traditional Methodologies & Newage Technologies;

where the Process of LEARNING is more effective & interesting for the Students’.

Advacad Solutions is more focused on collaborating with academic institutions like SCHOOLS, Colleges & Learning Centers to effectively deliver its programs to the Students. Advacad has developed a range of programs; which are designed specifically to help the Students to grow comprehensively in all dimensions (Knowledge, Intellect, Rational Thinking, Creativity and Intelligence) and moreover enable them to become a better Human Being. Advacad Solutions is working on various avenues of Education where a gap needs to be filled between the delivered content and actual learning of a Student.

To achieve its Vision, Advacad Solutions designed a Comprehensive Learning Programme for the students, KNOWBLE, where as of now we are working on two key academic skills.




benefits OF KNOWBLE 

Knowble is a product from the house of Advacad Solutions with an attempt to enable children with exemplary mental power with the help of our well researched and proven methods. In Knowble, we are aiming to strengthen a child’s ‘ability of knowledge’ and to ‘apply that knowledge’ while facing academic and day to day challenges in his/her life. In Knowble, we try to use some age-old methodologies which have lost their shine in course of social evolution. So, in a way we are “bringing the past back to present”.

Knowble Programs are basically the Skills Enhancement Programs. These programmes have helped thousands of children across the nation to enhance their capabilities – Concentration, Rationalisation, Visualisation and Imagination, resulting in enhanced creativity levels..

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  • Mnemonics Memory
  • Vedic Maths
  • Abacus
  • Brain Yog
  • Ambidexterity Development

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A Mesopotamian Methodology of Learning & Understanding Marthemtics by using Soroban's Abacus. Often called as 'Mental Mathematics'

Meditation exercises derived from Yoga, Accupressure, 

which help in improving Concentration & ICreativity in a Child.